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About Us

In the Future of Work we Will be Better Humans

Our Vision

In the future of work, we will be better humans. With higher EQ and empathy; informed cultural sensitivity and enhanced capabilities to communicate, learn and lead. Our capacity to share knowledge across language and cultural barriers will be accelerated with artificial intelligence and mixed reality visualization. In one lifetime we will master more than we ever imagined as virtual reality enables us to reach the “10,000 hours” of human experience needed to master a skill. Together, with technology that unifies rather than isolates, the workforce of the future will be collaborative, inclusive, and productive by design.

The Talespin Leadership Team

Kyle Jackson

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Stephen Fromkin

Chief Content Officer, Co-Founder

Christian Halsey Soloman

Executive Vice President of Corporate Strategy

Eli Weisman

Chief Client & Growth Officer

Jeroen de Cloe

Central Technologies Innovation Officer

Mike Nichols

Senior Vice President, Product Strategy

Jack Makhlouf

Vice President, Sales & Licensing, Enterprise Learning

Tom van der Schaaf

Director of Engineering, NL

Kingsley McGowan

Group Product Manager, XR for Insurance

Remmelt Blessinga

Product Manager, Virtual Human