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AR Field Tools


Data in Context

Provide procedural and contextual information like service manuals on demand, graphically displayed over a physical environment.


Remote Collaboration That Connects Realities

Bring team members together through virtual collaboration and provide support in the field.


Object Recognition

AR and MR devices measure the user’s speed and position, assisting with movement through space.


Spatial Awareness

AR and MR devices measure the user’s speed and position, assisting with movement through space.


Another Dimension in Real-Time Field Intelligence

Seamlessly exchange information between teams in the field and HQ, giving stakeholders a new level of workforce visibility.


Talespin supports Fortune 500 customers in developing and implementing the world’s first knowledge on demand augmented and mixed reality field tools. Where smartphones digitized processes and enabled better communication, mixed and augmented reality devices are removing the barriers between the digital and the physical all together. By leveraging a mix of artificial intelligence, real-world sensing, and remote collaboration, our tools give workers the information they need, when they need it.

Managing and Empowering a Distributed Workforce

Having workers and job sites geographically scattered makes consistently achieving successful installations, equipment and job site inspections, and on-site customer service a challenge.

Workforces are diverse and distributed

Providing employees with the solutions and information they need when their jobs, locations, and levels of expertise all differ is complex.

Companies have scattered, disparate, and disconnected data, teams, and tools

When your data comes from different sources and your people are spread out, providing the right information and resources to workers in real-time can mean the difference between success, and making avoidable errors.

AR Field Tools Support Workers in the Field

Give on-site technicians, remote workers, and customer service agents access to the data and knowledge they need to make better decisions and perform more consistently in the field.

Deliver data in context

Connect disconnected data from different sources in the same toolset, such as equipment manuals, historical case files, equipment diagnostics, and customer data.

Enable remote communication & collaboration

Communicate with colleagues in any location and enable remote diagnostics and trouble-shooting to exchange information and resolve problems in real-time.

Empower people to make better decisions

Arm your workforce with the right data to enable informed decision making and error mitigation in the field.

See better insight into what happens in the field

Get key insights from job sites to holistically understand success rates and to target areas of improvement across your entire workforce operations.

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