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Christian Halsey Solomon

Executive Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Board Member

Christian is the Executive Vice President of Corporate Strategy and a Board member at Talespin. He additionally oversees strategic partnership development and investor relations. Christian is a prolific entrepreneur, specialized in generating profits from investments in intellectual properties through both B2B and B2C outlets. An expert lender in the entertainment sector, Christian has fueled the expansion of dozens of organizations worldwide while generating significant returns for his investors — in total, he’s overseen over $1B in funding for companies and projects in the film and digital entertainment industries. 

At 24, Christian was named SVP of International Operations by a leader in the entertainment sector and has held C-level positions ever since. With over a decade of experience in the digital sector, Christian has a knack for recognizing the potential of highly innovative technologies in a wide variety of business settings. Throughout his career, Christian has developed a proven track record for designing, distributing and investing in cutting-edge software solutions in the media and entertainment space. He has held leadership and board positions at multiple global production and film companies, including Scanbox Entertainment, Film Domain and Grosvenor Park.