Workforce Acceleration

New generations entering the workforce, technology impacting the workplace, and changing career models have brought about a need for more flexible employee onboarding, training and reskilling.

Traditional training practices aren’t agile enough to keep pace with these dynamics, and enterprises need to close skills gaps and accelerate workforce transformation. Virtual reality technology has emerged as a solution to these challenges, as it is proven to accelerate employee learning, make training more efficient, and offers the scale enterprises need to have a significant impact on their businesses.

Propel VR training for Object- and Process-Based Knowledge

Talespin Propel is a virtual reality training solution for powering object- and process based learning modules. Learning modules built with Talespin’s Propel VR training framework immerse learners in foundational knowledge, and simulate complex tasks that are typically difficult to train and practice.

Propel VR 
Training Module Features
  • Realistic 3D recreations of real-world objects, tools, andenvironments in VR
  • Learners access training modules using VR headsets
  • Training modules are developed with SMEs and L&D experts
  • Training content embeds the same subject matter fromtraditional learning modules like video, text, and classroom style learning, but in an experiential, interactive format
  • VR training modules enable remote learning with the benefit of a coach
  • Training modules feature performance scoring and learninganalytics
  • Delivered on Talespin’s enterprise XR platform, Talespin Runway
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Propel VR Training