Enterprise XR Takes Flight
A Single Solution for Enterprise Extended Reality

Talespin Runway is an enterprise extended reality (XR) software platform designed to deliver immersive workforce applications at scale. Runway provides the foundation enterprises need to take advantage of XR technology’s proven ROI, without the complexities of deploying a fragmented software ecosystem.

Runway serves as the platform for delivering Talespin’s VR training and performance support applications. Runway is a unified system for administering VR training to employees, tracking learner progress, supporting employee performance in the field, and integrating XR software with existing technical infrastructure.

Talespin’s Runway platform currently features two core VR training products:

  • Talespin Propel: For learning object and process-based knowledge.
  • Talespin Co-Pilot: For training leadership and communication skills through role-play with virtual humans.
Knowledge Transfer and Skills Alignment Across the Workforce Lifecycle

Enterprise organizations need to transform their workforce practices as automation and changing employee expectations impact their businesses. Navigating new workforce economics will require more agile employment models, accelerated training practices, better workforce data, and a platform to deliver this transformation at scale.

With Runway you can:
  • Scale XR applications efficiently throughout your organization
  • Administer XR applications to local and distributed teams from one platform
  • Access advanced employee learning and performance insights
  • Realize the proven ROI of XR in your business
  • Align knowledge delivery and experience building to fill your skills gaps
Runway Platform Features
Learning Management
  • Learners consume training content using virtual or mixed reality head mounted displays (HMDs), or mobile and desktop devices
  • Training can be administered in person or remotely
  • VR learning modules can be administered as a part of a blended learning course, or as a standalone learning module
  • Training admins have access to user progress metrics
  • Managers and coaches can determine which modules each learner is assigned, passed, and gain insights to help coach on knowledge or skill gaps
Enterprise Ready Solution
  • Training content delivery and management
  • User + training administration
  • Learning data + analytics
  • Single sign-on (SSO) for tools and user training
  • Standard username/password account for tools and user training
  • Private/anonymous accounts for user training
  • Team assignment / grouping
  • xAPI activity provider for LMS / LRS integration
  • Data stream output to stream processors
  • Custom integrations
  • GDPR compliant
  • License management tools
  • Billing management tools
  • Identify and assess learner knowledge, skills, and attributes
  • Usage tracking
  • Dashboards and analytics to gain insights into behavior change
  • Historical training data
  • Learner management and training administration
  • xAPI integration to track decision points in interactive learning modules such as module completion and engagement throughout an experience
Workforce Transformation Has Become a Reality
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