Virtual Human: an ai simulation

Virtual Human

Meet Barry.  He is the first of his kind with many more in the making.  Barry is an AI powered simulation of interpersonal contact that can be experienced in VR, mobile video, or with audio only. He can be trained on subject matter and empowered to help teach us real humans.  Barry understands tone, is capable of speech recognition and can express a full gamut of complex emotions.  He capable of detecting users’ body language and reacting to subtleties such as gaze and posture.

So how can you put Barry, and his virtual human colleagues, to work for your organization? Let’s dive deeper.

There are 3 core layers to the
Virtual Human Platform

Emotional State Module

Talespin has solved the believability hurdle of a virtual human with an AI-driven Emotional State Module that expresses a range of emotions including anger, confusion, or sarcasm. This module is capable of switching dynamically based on scenario, user’s responses, and the type of personality assigned to the AI.

Scenario Builder

Learning & Development teams can easily design training scenarios through this module. Trainees can replay scenarios and gain insights into their performance, reviewing the recordings either alone or with others. Scenario templates have the option to track speed, dialogue cadence, body language and eye contact, and other verbal and non-verbal communication signals.

CustomLMS Integration

Talespin’s Virtual Human integrates directly with an organization’s existing learning management system and information technology infrastructure via xAPI. This enables tracking a learner’s progress and supporting your personnel with better insights into their needs.

What are Soft Skills?

Soft skills are all the nuanced communication skills that can make an empowered leader, a good collaborator, or a great salesperson.  They are the skills that translate to the make-or-break moment for our careers and are more important than ever in developing a company culture that attracts the world’s top talent.

Today, the curriculum and tools of enterprise learning and development programs can track individual performance but they often fail to accurately reflect real world scenarios.  Our virtual human platform is designed to give employees the power to practice complex soft skills in an on-demand and dynamic fashion.

Types of Soft Skills that can be enhanced with immersive learning include:

  • Sales
  • Problem Solving
  • Decisiveness
  • Interviews & Terminations
  • Negotiation
  • Teamwork
  • Flexbility
  • Time Management
  • Leadership
  • Ethics
  • Customer Interaction & Service
  • Bias Mitigation




Choose a VH from Talespin's Library or Custom Build

  • Character diversity (age, gender, ethnicity, etc.)




Create Narratives with Talespin's VH Editor

  • Individualized experiences driven by A.I.




Assign Emotional States or have AI auto-generate

  • Emotional state & response triggers




Choose Metrics to track

  • Detailed reporting




Test and Iterate

  • Recursive feedback for improvement




Deploy and Run

  • Multiplayer enabled
  • Smart and intuitive interfaces, tests, and quizzes

Virtual Human Case Study:
Employee Termination

For this scenario, the user must assess the emotional state of the virtual human and terminate this character in the best way possible. Success requires pairing the correct responses with the emotional state of the AI. Upon concluding the scenario, a report is generated to assess the user’s choices and actions (I.e. “When Barry got mad, you correctly mitigated his emotional state and deescalated the situation.”)

Training Scenario Examples:

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