Talespin supports multiple Fortune 100 organizations in adopting and implementing hyper-realistic, intuitive, and on-demand virtual and augmented reality training programs. Our results have been seen in job performance, employee preparedness, improved customer satisfaction and significant savings on costs associated with training and error mitigation. Immersive learning helps to achieve these benefits by leveraging technology to optimize how the brain retains information, thereby enriching the learning experience and increasing training efficiency.

What Problems Are Being Solved?

Increase Attention — Avoid Distraction

It is absolutely indispensable for a training to be engaging in order to lead to comprehension and retention. Talespin leverages advanced creative and cognitive strategies as well as elements of gamification and competition to ensure that a user’s attention is held, and key concepts are conveyed.

Learn by Doing

We design and develop virtual and augmented reality learning programs that engage multiple senses (sight, sound, touch) and deliver learning through a broader field of simulated experience. Immersive Job simulation allows your employees to practice without being put in harm's way. We call it rapid knowledge transfer.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, an experience is worth a million.

Mimic Natural Learning

Ever noticed how quickly you can acquire a complex skill while playing a video game or while on vacation? One of the most natural ways to open up the learning pathways is make the learning experience fun.  Our products employ principles rooted in play, which result in increased engagement and retention. Don’t believe us?  Come play our game to become an expert claims adjuster!

Iteration and Repetition

Because our learning solutions are designed to be highly engaging, repetition and iteration become easy, provide enjoyment and even friendly competition. Instilling the desire and ability to repeat learning simulations ensures a highly trained, prepared and confident workforce that is ready to excel.

The Spectrum of Immersive Experience

Immersive learning exists on a spectrum. On the one end, learning is experienced as a simulation whereby it aims to closely imitate a series of tasks. On the other end, abstract experiences present opportunity to achieve goals and objectives with an added layer of gamification. Talespin’s expertise lies in knowing when and how to navigate this spectrum.

Is XR training right for you?

Talespin builds immersive and Extended Reality (XR) content for enterprises seeking to better their workforce with the latest and most effective learning tools and tactics, there by improving employee performance and ROI. Talespin’s products are universally applicable and improve the learning process for an audience that starts with first-time employees entering the workforce, all the way to industry veterans exploring new and better ways to improve their performance.

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