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XR Workforce Intelligence


Make Data Collaborate

Bring valuable opinions and experts from different teams and skill sets into data conversations to unlock insights.


Understand Data Through Experience

Use depth, touch, speed, physics, scale, and other real-world attributes to create a tactile and more rapid understanding of complex information.


Visualize Workforce Data

Use visual metaphors driven by dynamic data systems to help translate information to immediate understanding.

Go where 2D data dashboards cannot

Talespin is enabling Fortune 500 companies to usher in a new standard for workforce insights through spatial computing and machine learning. These technologies bring together diverse data sets and visualize nuanced relationships, leading to better decision making when it comes to the alignment of people and the workplace.

The Workforce is More Diverse, Distributed, and Critical to Understand Than Ever

Your people are your most valuable resource, and understanding them is the key to unlocking innovation and developing and retaining talent.

The workforce is changing

With 5 generations represented in today’s workforce, we’ve never experienced more diversity in the ages, cultures, and levels of professional experience among employees.

People operations are more complex

A diverse talent pool means differing needs when it comes to technology, skill development, and workplace engagement.

Traditional data tools aren’t equipped for modern workforce intelligence

Current knowledge management systems aren’t built to convey multi-faceted workforce data that ranges from traditional insights to nuanced metrics like communication skill levels and leadership aptitudes.


Better understand your people, your organization, and the systems that connect them through spatial data. XR Workforce Intelligence provides an innovative visualization layer for showing key data relationships, understanding employee development, and promoting communication and collaboration in an evolving workplace dynamic.

See complex data relationships and interdependencies

Visualizing data with immersive technology makes it easier to identify key trends such as performance metrics, talent needs, and skill levels across an organization.

Deeply understand and engage with your people

Increase empathy and connectedness to your people through a better workforce insights.

Achieve better talent outcomes

A more holistic and engaging data experience leads to a better alignment of talent, tasks, and knowledge.

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